What is Psychotherapy?


Psychotherapy is a talking-based psychological treatment for emotional difficulties in which a relationship is formed between a patient and a professionally-trained listener (the therapist).

Psychotherapy attempts to explore ‘what makes us tick’ – our uncertainties, anxieties, difficulties, but also our hopes and dreams. Through the process, some sense of the present can be made through exploring the past, and how the past can still affect us (whether we are aware of it or not) in our ‘normal’ everyday lives.

The unique relationship which forms between patient and therapist is of utmost importance. It provides a safe and stable environment where problematic relationships from the past can be better understood.

My particular approach is Jungian Analytical Psychotherapy which was founded by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. It was his belief that anyone, at any stage of life, could find a sense of meaning and purpose through self-exploration. Based on his views, psycho-therapy is a way of treating the ‘psyche’ (or ‘mind’/’soul’) from disharmony or imbalance so that we are better equipped to live from our true selves.

All Analytical Psychotherapy practitioners have been rigorously trained and must belong to a recognised and appropriate professional body.

“It all depends on how we look at things, and not how they are in themselves”.
C.G. Jung

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